Self Directed Mortgage Freedom

Your Mortgage, Your Way

Use the money in your RRSP to fund all or part of your mortgage

There is a little known mortgage option that allows a homeowner to use their RRSP, a Canadian Registered Retirement Savings Plan, to supply all or a portion of the mortgage funds for their homes.
This option has been available for years, however it is still being suppressed by most of the major Banks. It is NOT the same plan as the one when you borrow money from your RRSP and then pay it back later.

Let me make it perfectly clear that there is nothing wrong with the Banks. This website is not intended to bash the banks. In our opinion, Banks will actually strengthen their financial positions by letting homeowners use this plan. This is money that is put up as actual hard cash - it is nothing like that financial mess we were hit with during the Sub-Prime disaster of 2008.

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Self Directed Mortgage Financial Graph

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